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ProgressiveHost.com's server power is backed by two parallel-redundant 300KVA Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS system) and a 1.5 Megawatt turbocharged diesel generator with 12 hours of diesel fuel on-site. All of the racks and cages are serviced by one or more 20 amp, 120 volt AC circuits. This UPS has been installed to constantly monitor and regulate the quality of power from the wall so it constantly receives the clean power it was designed for. The UPS system provides immunity to energy spikes and surges experienced by the public sector. This ensures that there will be no interruptions in mission critical services. It has redundant capacity and allows maintenance to be performed on the system with no risk of power outage. Backup and redundant generators guarantee an alternate power source, providing indefinite hours of additional uptime in the event of a utility or system failure. The generator is tested on a weekly basis. In an event of a power outage, the power generator will start within 45 seconds at full operating capacity. Fuel can be added to the generator to keep the network up and running indefinitely. All in all, the powerful diesel generator has enough power to supply an entire building electricity at full capacity.

Your website will be hosted with, on, and through progressivehost.com's server. This facility which is fully connected to a variety of service and backbone providers. By being connected in this way, we can offer our clients the best possible performance and unmatched reliability. Furthermore, we use high end Cisco routers and switches to deliver network service.

The Network achieves operates one of the industry's most comprehensive public and private network interconnects. We have multiple OC-3 connections to major backbone providers from WorldCom, American Telegraph and Telegram company. "Redundant" means that if any of the Internet connections get interrupted, the alternate Internet connection will take over. As a result, ProgressiveHost.com empowers superior performance and dependability thanks to its numerous routes to these backbone providers. Our network environment provides a broad range of customer choice, scalability, and network and route diversity. Our network provides the reliability, speed and scalability to allow our clients to operate their website without any maintenance so they are able to focus on their core business.

The state-of-the-art network provisioning system can quickly allocate the correct network capacity for the hosting account to accommodate for unexpected network activity. The worst thing about having a website, is having a sudden surge of traffic to your website all at once. Thanks to our system, you'll always have enough capacity to handle any amount of visitors to your website. Since we operate on one of the most advanced network infrastructures, there will never be a time when your site wouldn't be able to handle an excess amount of visitors.

Server Facilities
Our data center is housed in a poured concrete sealed underground room, making it resistant to natural disasters and FM radio waves. We operate a Liebert Heating Ventilation Cooling system to produce the ideal environmental conditions for the servers. The servers are maintained at 65 degrees and relative humidity is maintained at 45% WE constantly monitor locally and remotely our electrical, mechanical, security and automation system to ensure that potential problems will be discovered quickly and addressed before there is any service interruptions. But even if there are, the pre-action dry-pipe fire suppression system protects the entire data center from fire while still eliminating the possibility of a false alarm. In addition, we created a strong fire suppression system. Our system use a dry chemical gas which is emitted by jets on the ceiling and beneath the floor. It operates by lowering the level of oxygen to extinguish the threat of fires.

We constantly implement the most effective and up-to-date security measures to ensure that all aspects of your site are hardened against possible attack and strengthens all "out-of-the-box" security configurations, settings, and features to fit your requirements.

Firewalls are an indispensable element of any Web security implementation as they intercept all traffic entering your site and use a set of sophisticated rules to weed out potentially harmful access. Thus, the firewall system provides a "fence" to protect against malicious entrants.

Daily Backups
The loss of information stored in computers can be quite costly because it is rather time consuming and the data may be irreplaceable if it wasn't properly acquired. We realize that data can be lost in many ways, including theft, careless copying, deletion of files, natural causes and hard disk failure. Therefore, we perform on and off-site data back-up on every file stored on our servers to ensure that there will never be such a misfortune.

Uptime Guarantee
We guarantee that all of our servers will exceed 99.9% Uptime. We are equipped with all the necessities so we can guarantee this to you. If for any reason, our uptime is below 99.9%, we will issue you a 50% credit for that month. Based on our company's outstanding reputation, we practice preventative maintaince to eliminate unscheduled downtime from ever occuring.

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